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Trees and Shrubs

Bean, W. J. ca 1939 Wall Shrubs and Hardy Climbers. Garden Book Club. 182 pages with 12 b/w plates. An expert account by the former curator of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. A good copy in dustjacket. £15.00

Beddall, J. L. ca 1954 Colour Hedges. Garden Book Club Edn. 96 pages, illustrated with colour frontis and b/w photos. Hedges are an important structural element in many gardens. This little book explores beyond the ubiquitous privet and leylandii. A good copy lacking dustjacket. £5.50

Gorer, Richard. 1971 Multi-Season Shrubs & Trees. 1st edn, Faber. 192 pages, well illustrated with b/w photographs. A valuable guide to creating a garden with year round impact. A good clean copy in dustjacket. £12.50

Haworth-Booth, Michael 1963 The Moutan or Tree Peony. 106 pages, illustrated with b/w photographs. Bone hardy, and tolerant of a wide range of soil types including chalk, these spectacular flowering shrubs deserve to be more widely grown. Garden Book Club edn. £9.00

Heath, Royton E. 1978 Miniature Shrubs. 1st edn. Barrie & Jenkins. 181 pages, illustrated in colour and b/w. A valuable book describing a wealth of plants suitable for the rock garden, container gardening, or small plots. A very good copy in dustjacket. £15.00

Hyams, Edward 1967 Ornamental Shrubs September-November Flowering. Garden Book Club edn. 128 pages with 8 b/w plates. Flowering shrubs form the backbone of many modern gardens, but tend to look their best in spring and early summer. This useful book helps to extend the season through the important autumn period. A good copy in dustjacket. £8.50

Macoboy, Sterling. 1986 Trees for Fruit and Foliage. Lansdowne Press. 161 pages, lavishly ilustrated with colour photos of over 250 trees. This book covers both hardy and tender species, and would be of particular value to gardeners looking to explore beyond the commonly available selection of ornamental trees. A very good copy in dustjacket. £8.50

Macself, A. J. 1932 Flowering Trees and Shrubs. Thornton Butterworth, London. 224 pages. Fair in repaired dustjacket. £6.50

Webster, A. D. 1908 Hardy Ornamental Flowering Trees and Shrubs. 3rd edn. Smith, Elder & Co., London. 233 pages plus adverts. A very clean copy with lightly soiled cover. £25.00

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